Popolini holding potty diaper free potty


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With the Asia potty you can pay even better attention to your baby's signs and needs! Because this makes diaper-free very easy.

Simply clamp the diaper-free potty between your legs and hold your baby over it. Whether at home or on the go - the potty is small, handy and practical!

As accessories , there are great Asian potty covers in a pack of 3 so that your baby can feel the pleasant terry cloth and doesn't get cold when holding it.

You can use the potty in the first year of life . For guys who like to pee standing up, you can use it even longer! Simply set it up and off you go.


  • Polypropylene


  • approx. 16.5cm x 22cm


  • Simply wash it out with a little water and, if necessary, additional soap