Popolini muslin diaper ORGANIC for cloth diapering


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The ORGANIC muslin diaper from Popolini is ideal for changing diapers. Double woven and very absorbent , with beautiful patterns and designs - this makes cloth wrapping fun!

You can change your baby with muslin diapers right from the start. Initially wrapped around the baby using special folding techniques, you ensure safe leakage protection and that breast milk stool does not soil the overpants. It's best to use a diaper clip to close the muslin diapers.

As your baby gets bigger, older and more active, simply fold the muslin diaper into a straight absorbent pad . If you want, you can use a booster to get more suction power. So the Popolini muslin diaper accompanies you throughout the entire changing time!

Once the cloth diapering time is over, the muslin diaper can easily be used as a blanket, cuddly blanket or for playing with . The robust, GOTS-certified organic cotton can be washed at 90°C and is absolutely durable.

Unit: You will receive a pack of 3 Popolini muslin diapers!

Size :

  • 70cmx70cm
  • 80cmx80cm


  • 100% organic cotton GOTS


  • up to 90°C
    Normally 60°C is enough to get cloth diapers clean. For the sake of the environment, washing should not always be done at 90°C.
  • Suitable for tumble drying