Popolini trainer / trainer diaper


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The Popolini trainer diaper is perfect for all children who can already tell when they have to go to the toilet . Especially at the beginning of the drying process, it can happen again and again that the kids are so engrossed in the game or other things that they forget about it.

The Popolini Trainer catches small amounts of pee and stool - ensuring dry clothes! Trainers are also ideal for promoting the child's independence . It is put on like underpants and can easily be pulled back down.

The breathable and waterproof outer material ensures a pleasant climate in the trainer pants. Through a small opening on the leg cuffs and waistband, the elastic can be infinitely adjusted to achieve the optimal fit .

Attention: Trainers are not “real” diapers - the absorbency is limited!

Wash 3 times before first use to activate suction.


  • Inside: 80% organic cotton, 20% polyester
  • Absorbent core: 50% polyester, 50% viscose
  • Outer material: 100% polyester with polyurethane coating


  • S ~9-12 kg / approx. 2 years
  • L ~12.5-15 kg / approx. 3 years
  • XL ~15.5-18 kg / approx. 4 years


  • washable at 60°C