Popolini WoolPant wool slip-on trousers


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The Popolini wool slip-on trousers are double knitted and are therefore particularly robust moisture protection! Wool itself has some great properties - it can absorb liquid, but does not release it to the outside. It also has a temperature-regulating effect and is breathable.

The wool slip-on trousers from Popolini are particularly popular at night - they fit perfectly over a panty diaper and ensure dry nights!

Please note that the wool diaper should be washed several times or should be slightly matted - especially in the skin wetness area! After the lanonlin bath (wool fat bath), the overpants stay completely tight.


  • 100% wool


  • 62/68 of approx. 3-6kg
  • 74/80 from approx. 5-10kg
  • 86/92 from approx. 9-15kg
  • 98/104 from approx. 14kg


  • Hand wash
  • or in the washing machine on the wool program at a cold temperature and max. 600 revolutions.

After washing, the overpants must be impregnated with lanolin (wool fat).