Totsbots Bamboozle Wrap


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Totsbots PeeNut Pads becomes Bamboozle Pads!

What changes? For you as a customer, just the name - the price, the
Quality and great designs remain unchanged.

The Totsbots Bamboozle Wrap is a classic and the perfect overpants. It has very soft leg cuffs and therefore does not constrict at all and leaves no marks when used correctly.

Thanks to the snap fasteners on the front, the waist height of the cover can be adjusted and can therefore be optimally adapted to your baby. The PUL of the Totsbots Bamboozle Wrap is absolutely soft and cuddly - thanks to two layers of PUL, the diaper is very robust and reliably does not let any moisture through .

It's best to use the Totsbots Bamboozle Wrap in combination with the Totsbots Bamboozle Pads . You can button these into your overpants so that nothing slips. You can also pack the Totsbots Bamboozle Strech under the Bamboozle Wrap.


  • 100% recycled polyester with polyurethane coating


  • Size 1: 2.7 - 8kg
  • Size 2: 4 - 16kg


  • at 60°