Totsbots diaper pail 16 liters


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The Totsbots diaper pail is ideal for storing cloth diapers until the next wash. It's best to use the diaper pail in combination with the Totsbots laundry net , so you can easily throw the diapers and the net into the machine.

Thanks to the 4 snap fasteners on the lid, the diapers cannot fall out if the diaper pail tips over. However, I recommend that you leave the lid open slightly so that you can avoid smelly diapers.

Also make sure that you do not have the Totsbots diaper pail on the underfloor heating. It is best to store the diapers in a cool place.


  • Height approx. 30cm
  • Diameter approx. 35cm
  • Volume 16 liters


  • Feel free to disinfect with a little detergent or vinegar and then rinse with clean water