Diaper magic land “Feelia panty liner”


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The Diaper Magicland panty liners from Feelia are made in a small, fine studio Sewn in southern Germany - a truly sustainable and fairly produced product that easily helps you make your everyday life healthier!

Did you know that in Conventional panty liners contain countless carcinogenic substances, perfumes and even petroleum residues are included? All of this has no place on the vulva - for the sake of your health you can With the Diaper Magic Land Feelia panty liners you can easily live a healthier and more sustainable life.

The thin fabric panty liners from Diaper Magicland are air permeable and come without PUL out of! it consists of a layer of flannel and a layer of sling fabric. All materials come from organic farming.

Tip: Thanks to the two layers of flannel, this fabric panty liner from Diaper Magicland is ideal as a backup for menstrual cups or spotting.


  • inside: 95% organic cotton & 5% elastane
  • outside: 100% cotton


  • 20 cm


  • at 60°