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The muslin diapers from diaper magic land are true all-rounders! Super absorbent, the perfect size and untreated and unbleached, they are a purely natural product.

They are ideal for changing babies - chemical-free, unbleached and made from organic cotton, they nestle wonderfully around your baby.

Available in a practical pack of 5 - including a diaper clip if desired.

Especially at the beginning, it may be advisable to wrap a muslin diaper around the newborn baby . This means that the very liquid stool is caught well and ideally the overpants are not soiled. The muslin diaper from diaper magic land is the optimal size for different folding techniques.

It is also very absorbent and yet thin so that it is not too bulky.

After the changing time, they can be used as a cuddly blanket, a light blanket or even a cleaning cloth ! Long service life and therefore very sustainable.


  • 100% organic cotton (kbA)


  • 80cmx80cm


  • up to 95°C
    Note: it is usually sufficient to wash the diapers at 60°C. This protects the environment!