Diaper Magic Land Weeza Cover Pants


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The Diaper Zauberland Weeza is absolutely soft and made from very high-quality and breathable PUL . Thanks to the Fresh & Cool fabric on the wings, your baby doesn't have any PUL on the skin - for optimal comfort!

Thanks to the row of snap fasteners at the front, the diaper magic land Weeza cover pants can be adjusted three times in waist height and thus grows optimally with you. The long wings ensure that the diaper fits for a long time for large children and also offers plenty of space around the stomach .

The very soft leg cuffs and the cuff on the back ensure safe leakage protection ! Inside there are two tabs into which an insert can be pushed - you can also use the Weeza cover pants from Diaper Magicland over pant diapers, with prefolds or muslin diapers but also straight absorbent inserts !

I recommend the Diaper Magic Land Weeza, especially for large and heavy babies and toddlers.


  • 100% PUL polyester with polyurethane coating


  • One size 4-18kg


  • at 60°

All materials are Oeko-Tex 100 certified.